Angry Birds

A punk-rock re-telling of the story of the suffragette movement set in an allegorical forest a la Animal Farm. The show starts in a classroom at a failing school. These chicks don’t see the point of voting at all. Apathy reigns until an inspiring teacher tells them about a family of posh birds who fought for every hen to be heard.

A new British musical for the politically cynical, written by Dougal Irvine, the show’s nationwide premiere in 2018 will coincide with the centenary of The Representation of the People Act in 1918 which paved the way to universal suffrage in 1928.

‘Angry Birds’ will be performed at regional theatres across the UK by their young people’s companies who will then come together for a mass concert performance of the show at a prestigious London venue. Alongside each regional production there will be a fringe programme of workshops and educational activity which will explore how activism and political engagement elicits social change.

“Superb in every respect. If anyone’s looking to put on a musical about the Suffragettes with contemporary appeal, this is THE ONE.” The Sylvia Pankhurst Trust

“Amongst a terrific crop of emerging new writers, Dougal Irvine is the real deal. He’s got original dramatic ideas and punchy musical motifs.” Mark Shenton, The Stage

“The majority of girls’ roles are stereotypical girls in love or girls who make stupid decisions… I always want to play the boys’ parts.” Cassie (18), ‘Angry Birds’ workshop cast, March 2016